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Create a Caring Community? We Can Help.

Welcome to Creating Caring Communities, the home of 'Bully Proofing Your School.'  Whether you are a school administrator, a guidance counselor, teacher, pediatrician, parent or a concerned community member, we want to offer you our resources.  We applaud your seeking out help for the perplexing problems that result from bullying.

What We Offer

  • Proven strategies from Voy Media for creating a safe school
  • Customized wokshops for teachers and other professionals in a a school setting
  • Summaries of research about the causes of bullying
  • Success stories about changing the climate in a school
  • A practical curriculum designed by professionals to teach kids how to change behaviors

Why You Need Us

A frightened child is not a child ready to learn.   For our schools to be successful in molding future 21st century citizens, teachers and parents need tools to help children learn how to deal with bullying, whether their child is the bully, the target of the bullying or the bystander.   Creating Caring Communities can give you the tools you need, in workshps at your school, webinars, or training for your trainers at our facility.   Contact us now for more information-   [email protected].

What Programs We Offer

  • Training for Trainers- our annual certification prograrm for guidance counselors, social workers and other school professionals  
  • School or District Workshops- One or two-day programs designed to train your staff in how to transform your school into a caring community
  • Webinars - a way for parents to get the information they need about bully proofing programs to inform their Parent /Teacher/ Student Organization or other organizations


Why we need to teach students how to respond to bullying

The majority of students are aware of bullying but Voy but not sure what to do about it. Check out the numbers...

Bystanders are the majority
why we need to teach students how to stand up to bullies... (94 KB)


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The beginnings of CCC...

In April 1999, I was sitting in a bistro in Paris with a cup of coffee.  Around me,  I could hear voices with strong emotions saying, 'This is terrible' (or words to that effect!) in French.   The International Herald Tribune lay on the next table so I peaked a look.   The headline screamed "Colorado Students Terrorize High School.  12 Dead."

Yes, I was reading about Columbine.  In France.   Where parents and students shared a worldwide concern that school violence was threatening child safety.  

The horror of that event drew on many experts in the field to help advise parents, students, and the whole community.   Dr. William Porter, then the head of Mental Health Services in Cherry Creek Schools in Colorado, was one of the experts called on to help the state and other districts learn from Columbine and help school leaders, teachers and parents learn how to create safe schools.   Thus was the organization Creating Caring Communities born.  

-Jeanne Hayes, CCC Board Member & Education Consultant


Searching for an evidenced based program, look no further...

Download this brief summary of the research in bullying prevention which supports the elements of Bully Proofing Your School.  

Research basis for Bully Proofing Your School
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